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Pick up your car rental at Madeira Airport Hire A Car In Madeira Island

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Why us? Get the best deal. Feel protected. Explore new roads.

White SUV driving on a steep narrow road in the mountains

1. Daily car rental promotions

Call us now or send us a WhatsApp message to learn more about our rent-a-car deal of the day. Our car rental company is able to fit all budgets, offering the best prices in Madeira. No credit card or deposit is required.

Airplane departing from Madeira international airport

2. Personalized customer service

Our services are tailored to each individual customer, based on their needs and wants. This includes airport drop-off, custom pick-up,  travel recommendations and assistance available every day through WhatsApp.

Couple enjoying their trip to Madeira island while navigating on their phone

3. Roadside assistance 24h

Have access to emergency assistance at all times. We’ll take care of things like flat tires, towing, and more so you can continue travelling in Madeira with ease. Let us provide you with a pleasant experience.

Easy driving experience in the steeps roads of Madeira

Our island is known for its steep and narrow roads. We provide you with the freedom to feel safe and comfortable during your trip. Read more about our mission and values.

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Hybrid and Automatic Car Fleet Pick-up available at Madeira Airport

The experience with Automatic Rental Cars is not only about hiring a car, but about making drivers feel comfortable and safe. We value our customer’s satisfaction at all steps of their journey. We’re proud to have shared some of their feedback with you.

Buckle up, discover Madeira Island

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